Email Solutions


Web hosting on Designaweb dedicated server includes email set and is tailored to your requirements - Email options include

  • Redirection to your existing email address eg BT email address - not recommended nowadays as many email providers are blocking forwarded emails
  • Mail Box set up - This could be info@ , enquiries @ etc . Additional mailboxes can be purchased -  Full set up instructions + free telephone support  provided
  • Aliases set up - this could be several emails addresses all pointing to the primary mail box
  • Additional forwarding , email copying - This is very useful & provides the opportunity of  valuable backup - Your emails can be copied to another email account eg. Google Mail account for back up purposes - Also serves as web mail if required
  • Web Mail  is included - You can log into your mail account from any browser to read and send emails
  • Read & send emails using your mobile device eg Blackberry  - you may need specialist advice with set up as it tends to be model specific - a simple solution is to forward emails to your Google Mail account and retrieve using the mobile app which is preloaded
  • Spam Control , Spam Assassin can be enabled on your server to reduce and control spam

Additional Services

If you need additional services like an Hosted Email Solution / Microsoft Exchange we can help and provide a cost effective solution - The competitive pricing might surprise you especially if you haven't  reviewed prices in the last 2 or 3 years